You’re reading this page (and Lord love you for it) because, six years ago, I started saying “yes.”  Learning to say “yes,” didn’t come easily.  I’d often said “yes” in the past, in good faith and with all my heart, and had received more than one resounding and crippling “no” in response.  I was of an age – and at that stage – that must have been what psychologist Erik Erikson described as “generativity vs. stagnation.”  I knew I needed to grow into a new phase in my life but I was scared and anxious that I might not be able to succeed in a new and untried role.  An opportunity presented itself and, eventually, I gathered the courage to say “yes” to it and was unbelievably fortunate that Life University said “yes” back.  As it turns out, we were made for one another, LIFE and I.  They’ve kept on asking, “Hey, you wanna…?” and I keep saying yes.

As a result, I’m positively happy to have this opportunity to share what I’m learning in my role as director of service initiatives – helping to shepherd both internal service to students and to one another as well as external service to the local community.  And, I’m positively happy to be able to share what I’m learning as a result of the Happy LIFE and Life University’s willingness to support academic and administrative programs that are based on both scientific and philosophical thought.

The intersection between what LIFE refers to as “the new vitalism” and the positive psychology on which the Happy L.I.F.E. is based is staggering.  Both vitalism and positive psychology operate on the principle that human beings are creative, resourceful and whole – and that true health and happiness are innately part of the power of life itself, which is a perfect expression of the creative consciousness we understand as the universe.

Some of you are no doubt thinking, “Man, she’s chugging that Kool-Aid!” and to you I say, “Are you kidding?  I’ve ripped open the packet and snorted that stuff!” (that’s hyperbole – and I hope you’ll get used to it if I’m fortunate enough to have you return and be Positively Happy with me).  I invite you to share a little bit of the Kool-Aid with me – just a sip every now and then – to see how it feels.  You may find it empowering to know that the force that created the universe is expressing itself through you and your main duty to that power it to get out of its way and let it work through your own unique attributes to continually create your singular brand of perfection.

© Copyright Rebecca Koch, 2013 – all rights reserved – this blog and all material herein – enjoy


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