Is it more of an abomination to love the “wrong” person or to hate the “right” one?

 There’s a lot of hate in the world and, even though I’ve been working to refine the lens through which I find positivity and love in my life, it hasn’t made me blind to the hate and ignorance we’re seeing in Russia, Uganda and – according to the U.N. – 78 other countries. And, most unsettling of all, I couldn’t help but notice it in our own country when Arizona sought to make it legal to discriminate against gay people.

 I just keep wondering how it is that none of these fear-fueled people have ever had a gay person in their lives – a child, sibling, cousin, niece, nephew or awesome childhood best friend – whom they loved. And, if so, don’t they want the same treatment for their loved ones that they themselves expect and enjoy? And, even as I wonder, I know the answer. Of course they have gay people in their lives whom they love. We all do. Only, the haters don’t know it because the gay people who love them – in spite of their hate – are afraid (or perhaps terrified) to tell them they’re gay. And every one of us who loves someone who’s gay has to be an ally and support equal treatment under the letter of law and, even more importantly, under its spirit.


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